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The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Very High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)High
Level 7 (Violent)Extreme
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Very High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)High

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On a more serious note.....

After my last rant about work, this one comes to you from the land of University life (it's the same as the one on FB before you start reading):

Well as most of you know I have been looking at doing Masters starting mid-year. I was talking to Dr Bowie (yes, I know, how awesome!) about a project to do with Iron Fertilization in the Southern Ocean. I had told him very early one that I hadn't done Honours but could I do a Masters and would he be willing to discuss doing this project. He said that as far as he knew that having not done honours would NOT impede on me getting into Masters but would restrict the ability to get scholarships and funding.

This was all cool and we continued talking.

He then asked if I would consider doing a PhD as the project was large enough that the other student he was talking t about the project who has already started applying for funding for a PhD thought that we could easily BOTH do PhD's on it. I said yes but again, remember I have no Honours or Masters.

He said to look at the GRO's website and see what I could find. I did. It said that generally you need first class honours, Masters or industry experience to get into a PhD and either second class uppers or industry experience to do Masters. I took this as a "generally" generally not a "Your insane if you haven't" generally.

SO I called the GRO and asked them, they said the same thing. Fair call to them.

Went into the Uni today to some other stuff and decided to go and talk to the GRO in person to see if that would help. Spoke to the same woman as I had on the phone, No surprise to get the same answers. But me being awesome and intelligent then asked the SAME question another way.

Lo and behold another answer!!!

She said that I COULD still apply for a Masters (but definitely not a PhD) and there was a chance that I could still get in. She said the main thing was that the Dean of GR would look at the application and see that I had to research experience and may knock it back because of that, but occasionally he did let them through depending on the school, project and previous grades during your undergrad. She also said to go and talk to the GRC within the school I was looking at doing Masters in as they would have a clearer idea of what the Dean would look for from that school.

So I walk to the IMAS building and talk to the GRC....

She said that since IMAS is so new (less than a year old) that the Dean probably wouldn't notice that I hadn't done Honours as NO ONE has done honours through IMAS yet. However, because I didn't have honours or industry experience he would look at my grades from my undergrad and assess mainly based on that and the project and how my units/grades related into it.

Having been told by Dr Bowie before that my Academic transcript was nearly perfectly suited to the project (bar the fact I would need to do some more analytical chemistry), I felt more confident.

Am now considering talking to Dr Bowie about putting in an application anyway and saying "Stuff it. The worse they can do is knock it back."

Have also started talking to Dr Burridge about potential honours stuff and so far its looking good, for one project he already has the specimens in the freezer for the key species so would just need to get specimens of the comparison species. Another, unbeknown to be at the time is actually in conjunction with the AAD (score!) and the last involves blending fish from the East Indies. Can anyone say awesome on all accounts???

So I'm sitting back and just seeing which one will be easier to get off the ground and running with it. Could potentially put in for a MSc(Qual) with Dr Bowie which is like a 6 month probation which if you pass you can continue on your MSc without doing honours but its a rarity (apparently) so will see what happens there too.

Wish me luck.


End Rant of DOOOOOM!

Just cause he's soooooooo pretty!

This is Andrew garfield from The Social Network, he is going to play the new Spiderman, neither of which I am going to see but.... I am tempted. So very very tempted *bites lip*

Stabbing yourself for pleasure

Well for the last few weeks now I have been sewing like a mad woman if for no other reason then to help keep myself sane as I have NOTHING else to do except work, and even that is failing at the moment (no thanks to one twisted and bitter manager).
Life at the moment basically consists of: sewing, working (one shift a week! - but I'll get to that later), baking where I can, washing in all its forms, applying for jobs and shopping for food. That's it. Please, please, please kill me now!
That said my to do list is now remarkably short as I have FAR TOO MUCH TIME to do things.

Now onto the rant about my evil manager at work. I shall call him Mr A.

Well, when I first started working at place of work Mr A was not the manager, he only arrived about eighteen months ago, possibly slightly less. When he first arrived everything seemed fine. I still got between 2-3 shifts a week and the occasional 4 shifts a week when I got called in. At this point though I was still at uni, now I am not.
Whenever I asked for time off for field trips he always made sure to give me the time I needed off and was always happy to give me the day before, of and after an exam off. Which was awesome seeing as I was happy to work the day after and sometimes the day before. So all was good and happy at work.
Then I graduated in August....
Since then I have had but a few weeks with 4 shifts and rarely a week with 3. It is more likely that I get 1 shift a week then 2 as well. We have hired more casuals but that was ONLY for over Christmas and now most are gone. However here is one casual who is working there currently who gets AT LEAST 4 shifts a week sometimes up to 6 a week.
Why oh dear God wont he give me more shifts, so share them on a rolling roster between me and her?? I would be happy to work 4 shifts one week and one the next or 3 shifts every week or any combination of the two.
I have spoken to Mr S (owner of the business) about this before and after having been away for a month over Christmas when I got back and was told I wasn't on the the next 2.5 weeks of rosters because MR A had forgotten I came back and he was now away but had done the rosters before going on holidays, I FUMED!!!
I did get called in roughly once a week during that time though. So when on a shift I had been called into do I was talking to MR S again and he said if it keeps up to talk to him and he would discuss it with MR A.
2.5 weeks later and the next fortnight of rosters are up, one shift a week for both weeks. GAAAAAAAAAAAH! So, I am planning on calling MR S on Monday when he is at the office to tell him that this is still happening and that if on the next fortnight of rosters I don't have at least 3 shifts a week I'm going to either quit and take it to a higher power for equal opportunities and bias in the workplace.
So sick of work, (which is why I am applying for amazingly large amounts of jobs elsewhere) trying to get the hell out of there.

Sigh. End Rant.

First rant of the year...

Greetings LJer's,
To start 2011 I will begin with a rant.

I have been thinking about doing Masters for some time now and was considering doing it part time from mid-year so that i could still work full or part time and not be so student poor. Whilst perusing the interwebs I found a very awesome thesis topic idea: "The effects of natural iron fertilization by krill in whales on the Southern Ocean carbon cycle".
I read all the details as the supervisors are already lined up and there is a list of articles that you can pre-read about the topic. I didn't notice til later this project is designed for a PhD not Masters.
I sent off a little email to the lead supervisor about wanting to the project and was it at all possible to do it (or something of a similar nature) as a Masters rather then a PhD? Also seeing as the project is largely chemistry based I asked if I would require further chemistry studies to be able to undertake the project.
I now feel stupid and rather irritated at myself for not having noticed it was a PhD project sooner but also for sending out a rather dull and "Hi, I want to do this but not the way you want to do it" email.


The end.

In other news: I have an interview for a job on Wednesday. Wish me luck. :)

Yet another fail at updating...

So apparently I suck at actually updating my LJ. I check my friend's page every other time I'm online but rarely post now days. Strange???
Anyhoo, here is what you have been missing over the last few months: (I think I last updated in September, right??? :S)
- Went to Adelaide for La Prova Dura for my birthday and to see the wonderfully splendorous Miss C. It was rollicking good fun, the Baron and co. got horrendously drunk on rum and Miss W made the stupidly funny and outrageously loud remark of "TASMANIAN'S ARE AMAZING" at 3am. :P Miss C has lost SOOOOOOOO much weight and looks wonderful *many, many, many hugs darling!*

- After returning from Adelaide Mr R came down for a 2 week visit. Seeing as we didn't do much touristy stuff when he was last down no thanks to my graduation and parents we did it this time. So off to the Cadbury factory one day and Port Arthur, Tasman Island the next. Had tea with Nanna to hand over birthday present also. Had planned on going up the mountain but the whole 2 weeks it was overcast for practically everyday. :( Also took Mr R to lunch with Miss J at awesome cafe on the waterfront.

- Mr R bought for me 2 new pairs of pants, and 2 new pairs of shoes and the complete seasons of Black books for he is a good boy and likes to spoil me. :P

- Went to a masked ball with Miss R (flatmate) and 2 young and strapping lads from the US who are over visiting. Was really good fun and much better then most SCA balls. Mainly cause there were 45 people willing to dance for 5 hours straight. :D

- After Mr R went home Mr C (my big brother) came down and I got see him for the first time in 11 months. Was good to catch up and see him. Unfortunately his visit was tainted by the fact that when I went to Nanna's to catch up with him got told a relative had died.

- Went putt putt golfing with Mr C while he was down and I got 2 holes in one. :) He only got 1. Was awesome fun and made me slightly late to work but was well worth it.

- After Mr C went home the parentals came down (for funeral) so they came over and chatted before I had work one night. Then on Monday went to the funeral. It was a nice funeral (comparing it to the others I have been too). So many of the Tassie rellies were there and I blame my current cold sore on all the kissing and hugging there.

- Tuesday was Tavern night and it was a tremendous success in my books. A few college kids were MIA but ah well. There was filk, dancing, drinking, games and silly viking axes. :)

- Yesterday I sewed all day, the to-do-list on the fridge is shrinking and that makes me happy. Did an impromptu trip into the city and spent *cough cough $200 cough cough* only $2.50 was at spotlight so some success there. $145 was on a book I have been eying off for months and months. It is now mine and I loves it. My precious.... :P

- Today there has been more sewing with Mr A's pourpoint nearing a fully sewn up pattern to take to Syd with me to try on him and adjust. Miss J's Dress is finished and packed to take to Syd also. As is Mr R's favor. Chemise is 80% done and stuff to make ruff and cuffs is cut and awaiting starching :S wish me luck.

So now your up to date. Sorry about the epic long post but it has been that long!!!
I love reading all your LJ's even when there is nothing to read on mine. *Hugs to all!*

Sep. 20th, 2010

Can someone please tell me when the light switch of my life went from gloriously fantastic to up shit creek without a boat???
Just wondering....

A new life ready to unfold......

Wow it has been a while *4 months cough cough* since I last posted anything on either of my blogs...
So life at the moment stands thus:
Got a letter in the mail on Thursday with details for Graduation on it. Flying to Melbourne on Wednesday for job interview with DAFF, still haven't gotten a referee report organized for it.
Leave in the 22nd to go to Newcastle for Ryan's 21st and College War then Tocal.
Hoping to talk to Mark Hindell again soon about possibly doing honours, if not ah well, not the end of the world.
Wayne is currently in Canberra visiting Danni.
Ros is sitting on the floor in front of me busily sewing and watching the older version of Pride and Prejudice she has.
Generally family and friends are going well but work is also good, makes me wonder what is going to explode in my face next as nothing seems to be right now.
Have an exam on the 21st, my last of my bachelors degree, all I have to do is pass it. This comes as a marvelous relief to me and everyone else I am sure.
Exercise has dropped by the way side, was going to the pool once a week for a while there with Wayne but alas no longer.
Have gotten my L's again and have been driving a bit, am enjoying it more this second time around. Maybe it's not as stressful learning from someone my own age or who isn't a parent, god only knows.
Have been hand-sewing trim for 3 weeks and still not done, but it is looking wonderful. :D
Oh and of course last but certainly not least, dated Michael, Michael dumped me, now with Ryan and loving every second of it, it is really such a shame that he lives so far away. *le sigh* But such is life. Onwards and upwards from here on in. :)
That's about it really, so until next time, toodle pip! ^_^

Cause I got asked too, nicely no less!

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1) At least once a week I go O.C.D on my room and clean it like it's never been cleaned before!

2) I don't drive or own a vehicle of any sort.

3) I am supposed to graduate in the middle of the year! (HOOOORAY!)

4) I am ever so slightly addicted to buying material and other sewing things on Ebay.... *blushes*

5) I consider my Mum to be my best friend. LOVE YA RUMBA!

6) I saw a 7m long by 2m high statue of a baby last weekend... 'Tis true!

7) I have autographs from Adam Hills, Wil Anderson, Tripod and Andy Muirhead on an assortment of random objects. e.g. Tripod signed on a Cheezels box!
Well I was expexting to update this much more regualrly whil I was away but alas being busy has kept me from doing so...
Well some of the highlights i have so far on my list from the cruise include:
1. getting lost in Noumea and then meeting a lovely old gent named Wynnie Turang, spoke to him (in tears) for 20 minutes while waiting for a bus back to the city.
2. finding Baie de Citrons (Noumea) by guessing which way was south :D and in the process finding the best pizza/bar ever!
3. Making my way to the church on top of the cliffs in Easo when many people it seemed couldn't find the path (I then directed people to where it was on my return)
4. falling asleep for 45 minutes on the beach in Easo, making my sunburn from the day before that much worse :( (I put sunscreen on loads both days fyi!!!)
5. went hunting for more then an HOUR in the markets in Port Vila, found 3 absolutly awesome bargins :D Win on all accounts...
6. Found near by beach with 5m wide coral section about 15m off shore where I spotted 5 angel fish, a parrot fish, loads of groupers and many many barcode fish :P
7. SCUBA diving the SS President Coolidge (Luganville)from a depth range of 21m at its bow to 34m in the ballroom. also opening up old barrels to find WWII era gas masks, food trays, rifles and typewriters on the deck.
8. Seeing loads of clown fish and 4 stonefish whilst diving the Coolidge (Luganville).
9. Having some native Fijian weapons carved infront of me before I bought them (Lautoka).
10. (This one is absolutly true and hilarious!) walking through the markets in Lautoka and having on of the local men (probably 35 ish years old) ask if I would have sex with him for money....!!!!!!

All in all a great trip so far, have had a few sea days too but they have been greatly uneventful and mainly filled with sleeping, reading, watching movies and going to the onboard theatre shows.
Will be leaving soon for our second port of call in Fiji then its a seas day, Ilse de Pines 2 more sea days then back into Sydney harbour to meet Mr J.
Can't believe its nearly over already! See you all soon, all the best. *HUGS!*

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